Straightforward Right to Work compliance

Digital checks to help compliance with Home Office guidance

Ensure Right to Work compliance

If you employ people in the UK, you are probably aware of the legal requirement to check that all employees, regardless of their  nationality, are eligible to work through Right to Work checks.

For organisations of every size, in every sector, making consistent, reliable and quick Right to Work checks is important. However, with diverse workforces and more flexible ways of working, the challenge of making checks on staff is growing.

At the same time, compliant checks are as important as ever. Being able to demonstrate that you have carried out a Right to Work check, in accordance with Home Office guidance, can help you establish a statutory excuse and protect your organisation from illegal working penalties.

How can TrustID help with Right to Work checks?

Digital Right to Work services can help if you’re looking for a way to improve and streamline your staff on-boarding checks.

Whether you are checking ID documents for a few employees or for thousands, Right to Work software can take away the stress of compliance and support the statutory excuse.

Our service offers a unique combination of technology and human support. Our industry-leading expert document analyst team are on hand 7-days a week to offer support and ensure that you’re up to date even if Right to Work guidance changes.

“It really is just one less thing to worry about. You only need to get something wrong once and be the unlucky one who gets a fine, but we feel confident now that we’re protected from that risk”

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Why consider digital verification for Right to Work?


Electronic checks give you a single, consistent process across your organisation for all staff who need to make
identity checks.


Publicising the use of ID scanning software for Right to Work deters those individuals who may seek employment using
false documentation.

Reduce admin

Digital checks eliminate the need to photocopy and store paper copies of identity documents, saving time and easing the administrative burden on staff. Electronic records can be easily stored for future reference and auditing purposes.

Accept genuine documents

With fraudulent documents becoming ever more sophisticated, digital checks protect your recruitment team who would otherwise have to bear the burden of identifying suspicious documents.

Make checks anywhere

Identity verification technology is easy to roll out across different locations, helping you to make consistent checks
from anywhere.

Save time

Right to Work software is quick, with a response usually given within minutes, enabling you to get new starters up and
running quickly.

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Our range of services to support your Right to Work compliance

Check employee Right to Work
Right to Work

Right to Work

Easy to use Right to Work service to prove compliance and support the Statutory excuse, 7-days a week.

Verify Identity Documents
Online identity verification

Online identity verification

Global identity documents checked in seconds. Proven, industry-leading verification on a pay-per-check basis.

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