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6 Reasons to Choose Identity Validation Services From TrustID

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In a world driven by digital innovation, where employers have to navigate compliance complexities and are seeking authenticity in their candidates, many are turning to Identity Service Providers (IDSPs) to help. The list of certified IDSPs is growing but as one of the first government certified IDSPs, TrustID emerges as a leader. So, why us? This blog explores six ways that TrustID’s services stand out, for your business and your applicants, shedding light on why we’re an industry-leading choice.

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1. Web-Based Service: Access Anywhere, Anytime

Embracing convenience and flexibility, TrustID offers a choice of identity validation services. Our Right to Work (RtW) service is web-based. There’s no need for either the employer or applicant to download an App, allowing everyone to access our ID verification platform from anywhere, whenever you need it. Your onboarding process stays seamless, and your applicants are guided through a simple 3-step process, starting with opening an email invite which then allows them to capture a document image and take a selfie.

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2. The Power of Tech and Human Insight

At TrustID, we combine cutting-edge Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) with the expertise of our UK-based document analyst team. This unique approach ensures that every check receives a definitive result, offering businesses peace of mind. Our IDVT accelerates the verification process, making identity validation fast and convenient for applicants.

3. Simple Reports: Clarity Not Complexity

TrustID’s commitment to simplicity is reflected in our identity validation reports. Many employers choose an IDSP to simplify their checks process and reduce the admin burden on staff. So, they don’t want confusing and complicated check results containing unnecessary information or without a definitive outcome.
At TrustID, we provide clear, concise reports that record verification information in an easy-to-understand format. As an employer, you’ll get a clear, easy to interpret result meaning you can be confident in the results of your checks. And if your applicant hasn’t passed, we’ll give you a full explanation too!

4. No Minimum Contract Term: Scalability and Transparency

We understand that business needs are dynamic. Introduce our services to your business quickly and with no minimum contract term. Whatever your recruitment levels, our scalable solution can align with your needs. You pay for what you need, there’s a low minimum order quantity and no hidden costs, upfront or along the way. So, no matter how many or few applicants you’re onboarding, our services can help.

5. Exceptional Support

Our commitment doesn’t end with technology. TrustID’s dedicated team is available 7-days a week, from 8 am to midnight, supporting your business and applicants alike. Whether you’re conducting a few checks or managing thousands of candidates, we are here to guide you through the process. We help both employers and their applicants through the whole validation process, whether they have questions about the process, Right to Work eligibility, or the results of a RtW check.

6. Broad Range of Checks: Convenience however you’re onboarding

Flexibility is a fundamental strength of the TrustID service. Our platform caters to various needs, supporting not only Digital Scheme RtW checks but also eVisa or share code checks, in-person RtW checks, and Digital ID Validation for DBS. Our broad range of checks means you can use one service for all your onboarding needs whilst providing applicants with a straightforward journey to suit their preferred onboarding method.

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Randstad’s Story

TrustID’s impact is best demonstrated through real success stories. Randstad, a leader in the industry, has been using our services as part of their compliance strategy since 2017. Soraya Horseman, Senior Compliance Officer, praises our technology for streamlining thousands of document checks and reinforcing consistent analysis. Soraya explains, “The software makes our process for checking documents really quick – it’s easy to use, fast, efficient and keeps our business protected.”

As a technology-driven enterprise, Randstad turns to secure technology to enhance their competitive edge in a digital, data-centric industry. So, it was a natural step to introduce secure technology as part of their compliance process.

Technology helps to take away an element of uncertainty with checks. Soraya explains,

“We always had robust checking processes on candidates, but before TrustID we relied heavily on manual approvals. The compliance team here are well trained and well-practiced, however there are so many different documents in circulation, it’s impossible to be familiar with them all… Using the right technology means our team have that added layer of security to reassure them that they are making consistent checks on every document.”

Our technology has removed the element of uncertainty that comes with conducting manual checks, by reinforcing consistent, rigorous analysis on every document. The service is also a useful tool when Randstad are looking to win new business as it reassures their customers about how seriously they take compliance.

Want to learn more about how customers use our identity validation services? You can view our other case studies here. Including hospitality recruitment, technical recruitment & medical recruitment.

If you’re looking for a straightforward service offering an easy to use process to support your Right to Work onboarding and underpin your compliance, TrustID is a clear choice. Our industry-leading expertise in identity verification, coupled with accessible web-based access and user-friendly reports, simplifies the verification process for you and your applicants.

Interested in learning more about our Digital Right to Work process? Visit our blog here to find out more.

Or get in touch to discuss why TrustID is a good choice for your business.