Expert identity document verification at the heart of Know Your Customer checks

Simplify your Anti-Money Laundering compliance with straightforward, affordable online KYC checks.

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Know Your Customer checks: as easy as 1-2-3

3 easy steps for anti-money laundering in 1 affordable platform

Assess the authenticity of identity documents presented by your customers using our online identity verification service

Run PEPs and Sanctions screening

Add address verification and facial matching for additional assurance and security

Affordable services to manage your AML / KYC processes

It’s critical for your business to manage KYC checks and demonstrate Anti-Money Laundering compliance to avoid possible penalties, including fines, damage to your reputation and even imprisonment.

Our AML check service offers a straightforward and affordable online KYC service, no matter what size your organisation. Introducing automated AML checks can keep you compliant with the latest legislation, introduce more robust identity verification and even improve the on-boarding experience for your customers.

Why choose us to support your KYC checks?

Affordable and scalable

Flexible AML services to scale with your business. Free sign-up, no user charges and no minimum contract period.

Expert support

A unique combination of leading technology and free access to the best expert analyst team in the industry, 7 days a week.

Streamline onboarding

User friendly technology confirms the validity of ID documents.
Customers can upload identity documents remotely with a Guest Link and no software to install.

Simplified process

Identity document check, address verification check, PEPs and sanctions screening and ongoing monitoring in one simple to use KYC service.

Who is our service designed for?

Regulated businesses, no matter what size, securely on-boarding customers. We offer identity document checks, PEPs and Sanctions screening, address verification and face matching biometric services which scale to fit your KYC needs.

Some of the services behind our KYC checks

Stronger verification
Face biometrics

Face biometrics

Use selfie-based biometrics to match a person to their identity document and add liveness detection to prevent spoofing.

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