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Quick and easy identity checks to protect the Public Sector from fraud

Local authorities are subject to greater and ever more sophisticated attempts at fraud. False identity documents are used to fraudulently attempt to gain employment, access social housing, welfare payments and other  public sector funded benefits. Fraudulent claims not only damage the reputation of organisations and undermine trust in public services but are also estimated to cost local government over £2 billion annually.

Our systems help public sector bodies to scan and validate passports, ID cards, visas and Biometric Residence Permits in just a few seconds to help detect fraud before it happens.

Key benefits of electronic identity validation in the Public Sector:

Save time and drive efficiencies

By using our identity scanning software, public sector organisations can complete ID checks more quickly, creating  an efficient, robust process and reducing the administrative burden and training need for HR, recruitment and benefits staff.

Protect funds

Using ID checks ensure that services are made available and benefits are paid only to those people who are eligible. 
Oxford City Council reports a £36,000 saving thanks to fraudulent housing applications that were stopped by identity document scans highlighting fake documents.

Reduce the risk of human error

A manual process is subject to human error and potential bias. Electronic checks streamline the verification process and introduce consistency, no matter who makes the check.

We work with over 30 Local Government bodies and housing associations

How one council saves money with identity document scanning

Public Sector Fraud Solutions

Online ID checks

The easiest way to start ID checking documents.

ID Scanner checks

Advanced level ID document authentication.

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