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Integration is key to streamlining digital processes


Technology is a fabulous enabler. A digital explosion in the workplace is transforming the way we work and communicate. But while digital tools bring many positive benefits, the proliferation of systems can also cause confusion and complicate processes.

One area which has been affected by the technology revolution is HR. Alongside their core employee-management systems, many HR and onboarding teams have introduced specialist digital services to support distinct areas within their role – for example to introduce Right to Work (RtW) compliance checks.

There are many benefits to introducing these specialist services, which are developed and supported by experts. However, having several systems can lead to duplication of data and adds to the chances of inaccuracies creeping in. Asking employees to access different systems for different tasks can also cause frustration and confusion and create a negative first impression of your business.

Recent research by HR-software provider Personio showed that 37% of employees say there are too many different digital tools to use and 36% believe that working across different tools disrupts their productive flow.

So, having a single holistic interface for all your people-management activities increasingly makes sense. By bringing different specialist systems together, your HR team can streamline processes and help improve productivity.

At TrustID, we recently invested in our API interface which allows for quick, straightforward integration between our identity verification services and other platforms, websites and systems. Our javascript OnBoarding widget also allows organisations to customise the onboarding journey for their customers, making document capture and upload even easier.

We recently put together an article on this subject, including some great examples of recent integrations with TrustID and Applicant Tracking Systems, Harri and VacancyFiller. You can read the full article on the HR News website.

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