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Case Study

Customer: March Recruitment

Industry: Recruitment


Profile: March Recruitment is an established recruiter in the South of England, placing temporary and permanent candidates across a range of industries, and a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)

Benefits of using the TrustID identity verification service:

  • Straightforward compliance
  • Time saving
  • Ease of use for applicants and the internal team
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“When we went out to market, ease was the biggest thing - we wanted something easy for us and easy for our applicants. And we’ve found that with TrustID”

March Recruitment

As soon as Right to Work guidance changed in 2022, March Recruitment knew they wanted to find an Identity Service Provider to support compliance during their applicant onboarding.  They started their research into possible partners and, as members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (The REC), were recommended to look at TrustID, a REC partner.

Having now used TrustID’s Digital Right to Work service for almost 2 years, Katie Sharkey, Business Support Executive who headed up the project, has seen 3 main benefits: straightforward compliance, time savings and ease of use.

Straightforward compliance

March Recruitment offer a broad range of temporary and permanent placement services across the South of England and take pride in their strong client relationships built on consistency and reliability. This ethos now extends to the onboarding process, thanks to the TrustID Right to Work service which ensures that remote checks are consistently handled with the same robust process. Applicants who are eligible for Digital Scheme checks in line with Home Office guidance (holders of in-date British and Irish passports and passport cards) are sent an invite to use the TrustID service. They then upload a copy of their identity document and a selfie, with the results of the check being returned to the March Recruitment team. This intuitive process has simplified compliance and doesn’t include any ‘unnecessary’ steps or features.
Katie explains “Our Right to Work checks are now process-driven and the whole service is consistent, secure and compliant. We know that we have a nailed-down process and can demonstrate it with a full audit trail of time and date-stamped reports which we store against each candidate”
With applicants checked using the service, March Recruitment are also able to relieve some of the burden on their clients. Temporary applicants are ‘ready for work’ immediately and as March Recruitment payrolls a few hundred candidates on behalf of their clients, the check gives further peace of mind.

Time saving

“One of the greatest benefits of the TrustID service is the time is saves – both for our internal team and for our candidates” says Katie. “It takes 2 seconds for the team to invite an applicant into the process and just a few minutes for the applicant to complete the checks”.

March Recruitment have added information to their registration form to notify eligible applicants that onboarding includes a check using TrustID. Applicants are happy with the process and grateful that they can complete the check in just a few minutes and whenever it suits them. A Digital check means an applicant can avoid having to visit an office or post their document for a physical Right to Work check. Any applicants who are unfamiliar with an IDSP check are further reassured when they hear that TrustID is certified against the digital schemes by the UK Government.
Once a candidate has completed the check, the team are alerted by the system and can click on a link to visit and download the report.

Ease of use

The team at March Recruitment are focused on customer satisfaction and need the IDSP service to be straightforward for candidates to use. The TrustID service is browser-based. Applicants complete a Right to Work check without downloading or installing anything, using just a smartphone or tablet to capture a photograph of their document and a selfie image.
“When we went out to market, ease was the biggest thing – we wanted something easy for us and easy for our applicants” says Katie “And we’ve found that with TrustID”