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Case Study

Customer: Peartree Cleaning Services

Industry: Facilities Management


Profile: Fast-growing, independent, family owned and corporately managed cleaning services organisation

Benefits of using the TrustID service:

  • An innovative, quick and efficient recruitment and validation process
  • Provides reassurance and confidence to clients
  • Demonstrates compliance with Right To Work legislation
  • Protects the Peartree Cleaning Services brand
  • Frees up time for the Management Team to spend ‘on the floor’

"Employee validation is still one of the key conversations with any client. This technology is a no-brainer to give our client peace of mind that we follow the proper processes and can offer the very best service."


Illustration showing a woman on her phone for an identity check to prove compliance

Peartree Cleaning Services is an independent, family owned business with over 1,200 employees, an annual sales turnover in excess of £13m and almost 30 years’ experience, delivering office cleaning and support services to many high profile corporate organisations throughout the City of London, South-East and the UK.

Business need

As an innovative business who want to offer the very best in customer service, Peartree Cleaning Services are always looking for new ways to improve their internal processes. With increasingly stringent requirements in the facilities sector around Right to Work compliance, Bradley Reames, Managing Director, was keen to investigate ways to further streamline employment checks. The business’ employment process was already hailed by the Home Office as being ‘exceptional in the industry’, but Bradley remained on the lookout for solutions which would bring an innovative edge, protect Peartree Cleaning from possible fines and bring peace of mind to their impressive client base, in light of recent Government measures.


Using the Trust ID solutions, managers can now authenticate documents quickly and easily. And Peartree have an auditable copy of the authenticated document which brings peace of mind to their clients and demonstrates compliance with government legislation.

Peartree Cleaning Services have given their managers access to TrustID Validation Systems which allow them to quickly scan and check the validity of key identity documents, such as passports, visa and driving licences. Following training and procedural advice from TrustID, the Peartree team have built TrustID scans into their employment process, saving valuable time for the management team.

“The TrustID system frees up time for managers to get to know their staff,” explains Stuart Conroy, Commercial Director “We’ve been able to give our managers some breathing space to go on site and see their teams, make sure they are happy and continuing to deliver the very best service to our clients.”

The scanner verifies that the document is authentic or highlights potential problems which may indicate otherwise. This streamlined validation process means that Peartree can often make employment decisions ‘on the spot’ and quickly begin to train and pay their new members of staff.

Electronic document validation as a competitive advantage

The TrustID validation solution helps Peartree Cleaning to demonstrate continued innovation and excellence to their clients. As a leading city-based cleaning company, they are able to clearly show their clients that members of their team are consistently and reliable checked to meet Right to Work legislation, something which is critical to the Financial and Legal sector clients that they are working with.

Robust compliance with Government legislation

Recent announcements from the Government will be sure to have caught the attention of the Facilities Management industry as the Cleaning sector has been specifically identified as a sector to be investigated as a problem area for illegal workers. The Government have announced that immigration officers will be carrying out ‘raids’ on building sites and care homes as well as at cleaning firms. Employers found to be employing illegal workers can be fined up to £20,000 per person and face a potential prison sentence. But with the TrustID scanners in place, Peartree Cleaning are already confident that they fully comply with this tightened legislation and could quickly and easily demonstrate that compliance to immigration officers.


The TrustID system has been a welcome addition to the identity checking process at Peartree Cleaning Services. The electronic scanning solutions have saved administrative time for the management team with a robust and reliable process that also helps Peartree Cleaning to on-board new members of the team more quickly. In the light of renewed Government focus on illegal workers in the Cleaning Sector, the TrustID scanning solutions allow Peartree Cleaning to confidently demonstrate their compliance with Right to Work legislation. This protects them from potential fines and damage to their brand but also brings peace of mind to their clients.