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Remote identity checks: on-boarding your remote customers and staff more effectively.

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Organisations across diverse industries are increasingly moving to digital models, as they change their processes to interact in an increasingly remote environment.  For many of them, verifying customers and staff remotely presents a new and unique challenge. Without being face to face with someone, holding and feeling their identity documents, it’s more difficult to verify that you’re dealing with the person who your applicant or customer claims to be.

Over the past few years at TrustID, we have seen a huge increase in the number of organisations turning to online identity verification services as a quick, reliable and scalable way to support remote identity checks. We’re pleased to now introduce new functionality, known as Guest Links, to further support this remote checking process.

What is Guest Links?

Guest Links is another way to access the TrustID online verification service. It allows you to ask your customers or applicants to upload their identity documents to our secure online service for checking by TrustID. This gives you an alternative to asking for copies of identity documents to upload yourself. The Guest Links option is available to all online users at no additional cost.

From within your TrustID account, you can email a web link to your customer or applicant. They then simply click this link to upload an image of their identity documents.  You also have the option to include a selfie capture which we can use to check liveness and perform facial recognition, to confirm the selfie matches the photo in the document.

How does it work? 

The Guest Links functionality is available with all TrustID Cloud verification services. You create a link by accessing your account from our web portal.  You can edit the message included within the link email, add their email address and send it to your applicant.  This one-time link can be set to expire within a time period defined by you, or it will expire once used.

When they receive the link, the applicant just needs to click it and follow the simple process to upload their identity documents and take a selfie, if this option is chosen.

The person who used the link receives an acknowledgement that they have submitted their documents successfully, but they do not see the results. Instead, the results are available for the TrustID user who created the link to view and download from within their account within one business hour.

Who can benefit from using Guest Links? 

This remote verification service will help any organisation who isn’t able to see the original identity documents from their staff or customers, either due to short-term challenges brought about by Covid-19 or due to their business processes.

In particular, this service could benefit employers undertaking remote pre-employment checks as part of Right to Work compliance or businesses running Know Your Customer checks and on-boarding new applicants or customer online.

If you’d like to find out more about how the Guest Links functionality could help streamline your remote on-boarding, please get in touch.

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