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Kyloe Partners and TrustID Partner to Streamline Right to Work for Bullhorn Customers

Kyloe Partners and TrustID have partnered to offer a seamlessly integrated Right to Work solution for Bullhorn customers. The partnership provides recruiters and candidates with a streamlined onboarding process to support their Right to Work (RtW) compliance needs.

TrustID are a government certified Identity Document Service Provider (IDSP) and a leading provider of RtW checks in the UK, completing many millions of checks every year.

The integration between TrustID and Kyloe creates a centralised system, enabling recruitment agencies to view all candidate documents in Bullhorn. It allows the recruiter to effortlessly issue the check to the candidate via an email, and the candidate to simply upload a photograph of their identity document and a selfie. Once the RtW check has been completed, the eligibility report will be returned via the Kyloe integration and automatically saved to Bullhorn in as little as 60 seconds.

“The TrustID service is designed to streamline the onboarding process, for both the employer and applicant. We’re delighted that Kyloe have integrated the TrustID Right to Work service for Bullhorn users! Both TrustID and Kyloe share the same ambition to offer an improved, faster onboarding experience for our mutual customers.”  – Mark Pendlebury, Business Development Director of TrustID

Kyloe and Bullhorn customers will benefit from risk reduction as employers can be confident they are placing candidates with genuine and appropriate documents to prove their RtW in the UK, avoiding increased fines for illegal working, introduced in January 2024.

“As it becomes increasingly important for recruitment companies to ensure candidates are compliant, we’re happy to partner with TrustID to offer a robust solution which streamlines this process. Kyloe’s integration eliminates the repetitive manual tasks associated with submittals and onboarding strengthens compliance, and facilities a single source of truth for document storage.” – Raymond Pennie, CEO and founder of Kyloe Partners

The collaboration between TrustID and Kyloe streamlines the onboarding process for both the recruitment agency and the candidate, reducing the need for the check to be completed face-to-face. The integration saves time, reduces risk, increases efficiencies and reputation, and supports compliance, whilst creating a smooth candidate experience.

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