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Putting the trust back into business with ID verification

Illustration showing a woman on her phone for an identity check to prove compliance

Trust is the foundation on which the personal and business relationships that underpin success are built. It helps to create strong, open relationships within organisations, with customers, with suppliers, and within the wider business ecosystem. Consistent identity checks can help to build and maintain that trusting relationship.

Making the right judgement

If you’re an HR professional with responsibility for making Right to Work checks and ensuring that you bring the right personnel into your business, you will probably have a well developed instinct as to the trustworthiness of people. And the good news is that most of the time your instinct will be right.

But with the growth of more diverse workforces and more flexible ways of working, everyone’s ability to make judgements about the trustworthiness of potential employees is being stretched far beyond the limits that intuition alone can cope with. At the same time, with strict penalties for illegally employing staff, making the right judgement is more important than ever.

Spotting fraudulent identity documents

The number of people using fake identity documents to illegally gain employment is growing, increasing the risk to a business of insider fraud and of fines running into the tens of thousands. The consequences of making the wrong call and employing someone who has no right to work in the UK, or who is using a fake identity can be very serious for your business, your employees, your customers, and your reputation.

But asking an individual in your business, within the HR or on-boarding team perhaps, to decide on the legitimacy of a potential colleague could be risky. Natural prejudice may creep in to a manual decision if the applicant appears to be ‘different’ and, without extensive training, deciding if an identity document is real or fake may be almost impossible.

When people and technology combine, however, you can ensure that fraudsters can’t gain employment with you using fake identity documents, enabling you to put the trust back into your business.

We’ve produced a whitepaper which discusses how combining knowledge and skills with technology, can help you create a screening process that will efficiently and accurately check identity documents without the need for extensive, and expensive, document verification training. Why not download your free copy below?

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Our whitepaper for HR professionals explores how combining people, process and technology can put the trust back into your business.

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