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University Right to Work Checks

University graduates

Why do universities need to make Right to Work checks?

Like all employers, universities must check all prospective employees and workers have the Right to Work in the UK before their first day of work. For anyone with a time-limited leave to remain in the UK, you must run a follow-up check prior to the expiry of their Right to Work.

If you don’t make thorough Right to Work checks, you risk breaching Home Office guidance and this could lead to a civil penalty if your University is found to be employing an illegal worker. You could also lose your licence to sponsor anyone requiring a visa – both staff and students.

How can TrustID innovate your university’s Right to Work approach?

TrustID are a certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP) and leading experts in Right to Work checks. If your university is looking to reduce the time and administrative burden of your Right to Work approach, our Identity Validation Technology (IDVT) can ease the process. You can remotely check a candidate’s identity, with the option to eliminate face to face checks, all on a scalable pricing model to fit your needs.

Why TrustID? Our Right to Work process in 3 effortless steps

1) Using our digital Right to Work service, the applicant simply answers a few straightforward questions to ensure they hold the correct documents. Then they upload a photo of their document and a selfie using their smartphone or tablet device, then we’ll handle the rest. 

2) We will verify whether the submitted documents are valid and authentic. Then we’ll ensure that the individual has the Right to Work and meets the Home Office standards. 

3) Your HR or compliance team will receive a comprehensive report confirming the applicant’s Right to Work status, including any information about work restrictions and the date for any necessary follow up checks. 

TrustID work with 1 in 4 of the UKs universities 

Having a smooth onboarding and Right to Work process in place can greatly reduce administration time, especially when you might be experiencing fluctuating recruitment volumes. 

We are already trusted by 1 in 4 of the UK’s universities, to streamline their staff onboarding, including the University of Edinburgh, the University of Warwick, King’s College London and the University of Salford. 

How can we make your Right to Work process simple and streamlined?

  • Unlimited users and branches, with no-additional costs, to help separate each department.
  • A simplified journey for your candidates
  • A flexible and scalable pricing model to suit your budget, with no upfront commitment.
  • A broad range of services, offering support with Right to Work, DBS checks and more.
  • The availability to make remote checks from anywhere with a quick turnaround time.

Our Digital Right to Work checks will drastically save you time and ease the administrative burden on staff, eliminating the need to see candidates with a face-to-face check. 

If you need our support, our expert UK-based team are here to assist you 7-days a week, from 8am to midnight. 

Want to know more?  

If you’re considering introducing technology from an IDSP to help your Right to Work checks, you might find our guide to IDSPs and IDVT useful – download your copy here. Or if you have questions, get in touch with our sales team.