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12 Months of TrustID

People around a giant 2023 calendar

January: 2022 Fraudulent Trends report

At the start of the year, we compiled a report that highlighted the trends in fraudulent identity documents in 2022.  Identifying a fake document isn’t always easy and the techniques deployed by fraudsters are always evolving.

Performing thousands of identity document verification checks every week allows us to detect and record a wide range of fake documents. For a more comprehensive look into the trends from 2022, you can read our blog here.

February: Digital Right to Work video

As a certified IDSP, TrustID prides itself in providing a user-friendly digital Right to Work service, aiding employers in efficiently onboarding their applicants from anywhere. To address common questions we get asked about how the service works, we created a short video explaining the process in detail.

March: In-house Recruitment Exhibition and Recruitment Agency Exhibition 

March was a busy month as the TrustID team attended two different conference events. The first, at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, was the In-house Recruitment Live exhibition on Thursday 2nd March.

Following that, we participated in a successful two-day event at the Recruitment Agency Expo in Excel, London, from March 21st to 22nd.

Both were a great opportunity to engage with new and existing customers.

April: TrustID makeover

We completed our office makeover in April! The new setup is designed to enhance the positive atmosphere throughout the office and support our collaboration across teams.

May: 10 Year Anniversary

The month of May marked the 10 year anniversary of TrustID!

To commemorate this milestone, we looked back at TrustID’s achievements since our inception in 2013 and to celebrate our ever progressing journey. You can read about our decade of innovation and growth here.

June: Festival of Work Exhibition 

Our dedicated team was back on the road for another two-day event in June, attending our biggest conference event thus far at the CIPD Festival of Work at Olympia, London on the 7th and 8th. It was another opportunity to engage with new and existing customers, while demonstrating our commitment to excellence in identity services.

July: Webinar on ‘How can technology help Right to Work checks for your applicants?’ 

Our CEO, Tony Machin hosted a webinar exploring how technology can ensure compliance, streamline checks and protect against fraud.  With significant changes in legislation over the past year, the webinar covered crucial aspects such as Right to Work guidance, fake document trends and insights, and the role of technology in supporting the onboarding process.

August: Summer Party

August was time for our annual summer party, where the TrustID team had the chance to celebrate a very fun and successful first half of the year together.

September: Elite Business Magazine Feature

Our CEO, Tony Machin, was featured in Elite Business Magazine, discussing changing trends in employment fraud and the importance of spotting imposters before they harm your business. Read more about it here.

October: Highest month of checks 

In 2023, we helped thousands of businesses onboard millions of employees and customers by verifying their identity online, digitally and face to face, making TrustID one of the most includive IDSPs in the UK.

November: ISO 9001:2015 Certified 

TrustID achieved another milestone in November by being awarded our ISO 9001 certification, a testament to our commitment to quality management. You can dive into our blog where Omon Ilaboya, our Information Security and Compliance Manager shared insight into this achievement.

December: Christmas Party

The year concludes with our annual Christmas party, a festive celebration as we reflected on a year filled with achievements and significant growth.

Closing out 2023, TrustID remain as dedicated as ever to providing efficient identity solutions and maintaining the highest standards of service!