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TrustID is ISO 9001:2015 certified

Man and woman with ISO9001 certificate

TrustID is proud to announce that we have been awarded ISO9001 certification, an internationally recognised standard which demonstrates our effective quality management system. The accreditation process was led by our compliance team and in this blog, we speak to Omon Ilaboya our Information Security & Compliance Manager to find out more:

Sarah Croft (SC): First of all, congratulations on the ISO 9001 certification. Can you please explain what ISO 9001 means?

Omon Ilaboya (OI): “Thank you! We’re delighted that TrustID has achieved this milestone!

The ISO9001 quality standard is internationally recognised as the gold standard.  It specifies the requirements for a quality management system (QMS). A QMS is a formalised system of policies, processes, procedures, and responsibilities which show that we are achieving customer and regulatory requirements.

This certification confirms that our QMS complies with the stringent criteria set out in the ISO 9001 standard. It demonstrates that our team is committed to providing a high level of quality in our services and that we’re continually seeking ways to improve.”

SC: Why is ISO 9001 certification so important to TrustID? 

OI: “High quality and excellent customer service have always been top priorities at TrustID. This ISO 9001 certification shows our ongoing commitment to that!

Effectively implementing ISO 9001 helps us to consistently evaluate and meet our customer needs and align with the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. We’ve created a framework which supports us to increase our operational efficiency, improve our process, service and product quality and effectively manage risks and opportunities.”

SC: What does this mean for our customers? 

OI: “One of the core principals of ISO 9001 is to improve customer satisfaction by establishing exactly what customers need and want, while continually monitoring and assessing our ability to meet and surpass these needs.

Our QMS helps us to improve our customer communication and feedback mechanisms and respond effectively to customer feedback. It helps us to better understand and meet our customers’ requirements and expectations and deliver consistent and reliable products and services. So, ultimately this will ensure that our team can support our customers in the best way possible!”