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5 ways Right to Work check software can support onboarding in the world of temporary recruitment

Right to Work to support event recruitment

When your business is recruiting temporary or seasonal staff, for example for the events or festival season or in the hospitality sector, you need to onboard workers quickly and efficiently. Like every employer, however, you must also carry out accurate checks on your applicants. These checks can protect you from Right to Work fraud, possible fines and maintain your reputation as a responsible employer. If you’re looking for a straightforward way to keep on top of candidate compliance, technology can help.

In this blog, we’ll explore why Right to Work checks are important and how digital identity validation could improve efficiency when remotely onboarding happy and compliant applicants:

What are Right to Work checks and why do they matter?

Right to Work checks are an essential step to ensure that all employees are eligible to work in the UK. As a recruiter, if you’re placing a temporary candidate, even for just a few days, you need to make a compliant check on them before they start work. Failing to make the right checks can mean that your organisation is risking fraud, damage to your reputation or even fines of up to £20,000 per illegal worker. Our recruitment customers also tell us that having an efficient Right to Work process saves them time and can even be a huge selling point when tendering for new business.

Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) from an Identity Service Provider (IDSP) can help.

What is IDVT and how does it work?

Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) refers to digital technology which is used to verify identity documents. IDVT can verify a document’s integrity by analysing security features, including machine-readable zone information. IDVT can also check a document’s biometric data, including extracting the document image to run facial recognition checks and ensure that the person presenting the document matches the holder.

5 ways IDVT and digital Right to Work checks can help temporary recruiters:

IDVT has several benefits over traditional manual verification methods. We’ve put together 5 benefits, based on what our recruitment customers tell us:

1) Efficient, on-going compliance from anywhere.

Introducing IDVT can streamline the Right to Work process for your applicants and your onboarding teams. Digital validation means you won’t need to ask a candidate to travel to your office for a physical document check – just issue a one-time access email and your applicant can upload their documents from wherever and whenever it suits them. Watch our short digital Right to Work video to find out more about how digital checks work.
The TrustID service aims to return your results to an employer’s dashboard within 1 business hour, 365-days a year so we can support your onboarding, even if you’re recruiting at the weekend.

2) Greater flexibility to meet your seasonal demands.

Our range of Right to Work services flex to meet your hiring patterns. We offer a pay-per-check pricing model with low minimum order volumes and no set-up or user licence fees. So, you can scale up when you’re recruiting for a big event and scale back down when things are quieter.

3) Reduced administration.

We create a Right to Work report for each applicant which you can download and store in your system, so you no longer need to photocopy and file images of identity documents. Your HR and onboarding team can easily access the information to support future audits.

4) A professional and transparent check.

IDVT gives your organisation a highly professional way to demonstrate compliance checks to your applicants and to your customers. One of our hospitality recruitment customers, Arc Hospitality, says that “ID checks set the tone for the professional way that we work”.

5) An easier way to stay on top of compliance.

We understand that keeping up with changes to legislation can be challenging, especially if you’re recruiting people with different documents from across the world. Our Right to Work services contain easy to use built-in ‘wizards’ which can be updated as guidance changes to keep your checks compliant.

In summary, our range of Right to Work services offer an affordable, easy-to-use way to check candidates’ eligibility from anywhere, no matter how many staff you’re recruiting.
TrustID work with over 650 recruitment agencies and many of the UK’s leading event and hospitality staffing businesses, including Off To Work, Berkeley Scott, Fabulous Fan Fayre and Arc Hospitality.

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