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Five ways Identity Service Providers (IDSPs) can help Right to Rent checks

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If you work in the lettings industry or are a private landlord, you will be aware that you are required to check all your adult tenants have the legal Right to Rent in the UK. Even if you already have processes in place, making high volumes of visual checks or managing remote checks may be a challenge. In addition to this, as of 1st October 2022, the temporary Covid-adjusted guidance has ended and if you wish to continue making remote checks, you will need to partner with an Identity Service Provider (IDSP).

But how can IDSPs help when making Right to Rent checks?

Make checks from anywhere

If you have been making remote checks in accordance with the temporary Covid-adjusted guidance, you may not want to go back to physical document checks. An IDSP can help you complete an online check quickly and easily. You can even use our Guestlink service to send a remote link to your prospective tenant to upload their own identity documents whenever and from wherever suits them.

Save time

Digital identity checks are quick and mean you don’t need to spend time manually inspecting identity documents. We can get you up and running quickly with little training. Furthermore, we offer a target response time of 1 business hour 7 days a week helping you to complete quick but comprehensive and robust identity check.

Verification standards

Using an IDSP means you can verify identity documents to the necessary Level of Confidence defined by the Digital Right to Rent Scheme, which is built on GPG45 standards. Our identity checks are performed using a combination of technology and human expertise, reducing the risk of fraud.

The latest Government guidance strongly recommends that you work with a certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP). Working with a certified supplier can give you an extra layer of protection as they are held to a certain standard by the accreditors which can reduce the risk of fraud.

At TrustID, we are one of the first IDSPs to be certified for Right to Rent (as well as Right to Work and DBS checks).

Reduce Risk of Fraud

As fraudsters get more sophisticated and fake identity documents get harder to spot, an IDSP can help you ensure the documents which you are seeing to prove Right to Rent are legitimate. The issue goes beyond fraud though when you consider the total cost and implications of renting to a fraudulent tenant. All this can be avoided at the outset with the proper checks in place. At TrustID, we use a mixture of software and human expertise to verify identity documents from all over the world. Furthermore, we analyse the documents we receive and run reports to spot specific trends amongst industries: in 2021, our stats show that the Lettings and Housing sector produced the second highest number of fakes among our customer base.

Ease of Use

An IDSP can ease the burden and hassle of conducting Right to Rent checks. Our Cloud service allows you to simply upload an image of a physical document, or issue a link directly to the prospective tenant to upload their own document, and we will do the rest. We will then supply you with a downloadable PDF verification report which you can easily store. TrustID Cloud ensures your Right to Rent checks are quick, easy, and removes the needs for photocopying and physical filing.

Want to find out more?

Why not get in touch to find out more about digital Right to Rent checks and how an IDSP could support you further.

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