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Hiring Seasonal Staff? They need Right to Work Checks too

RTW (Christmas theme)

The festive period is fast approaching, and retailers and other organisations who see an influx of business around the festive period are looking to recruit seasonal staff to support them through the busy times.

Whether a business is hiring permanent or seasonal staff, checking a candidate’s Right to Work is mandatory for all employees in the UK. It doesn’t matter how long an individual will be employed for, no one is above a Right to Work (RtW) check, not even Santa.

However, checking documents for RtW and DBS can quickly become a time-consuming process and become a burden for hiring managers, particularly if they are recruiting locally across different locations. As competition for seasonal workers heats up, employers need to ensure their hiring processes are as smooth and short as possible so they don’t miss out on talent.

One leading wine retailer, for whom Christmas is the busiest time of year, regularly hires up to 200 seasonal staff. Previously, before working with TrustID, its RtW checks were carried out by local managers within stores. This was an admin task that took up a lot of time and was identified as a possible compliance risk.

The organisation needed a robust solution. As a much-loved brand, they had a reputation they needed to protect, and ensuring their employees have a good experience is a key part of the brand. TrustID were able to offer a solution to allow the organisation to bring their RtW compliance under one roof, allowing them to reduce the amount of admin workload for their local managers and giving increased peace of mind. Our RtW service allows documents to be checked in minutes, helping the company to secure new hires faster and providing a much better onboarding experience for candidates.

To find out more about the employer’s experience with TrustID you can read the full story here.

Our RtW service offers a unique combination of technology and human support, and our industry-leading document analyst team are on hand 7 days a week, 365 days a year to offer support to our customers, and ensure that you’re up to date, even if Home Office RtW guidance changes.

If you’re looking to streamline your Right to Work processes and protect your business, book a demo with us today.