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Latest whitepaper by the Association of Document Validation Professionals (ADVP)

Illustration showing a woman having an identity document scan

The ADVP is a trade body, founded in 2018, representing UK-based companies involved in the electronic validation of identity documents. TrustID is among the founding members and during my tenure as its first Chairman, I was particularly interested in the value that intelligence sharing and collaboration between our members can bring.

A recent whitepaper commissioned by the ADVP and entitled “Identity Document Fraud Intelligence and its Benefit to UK Society” revealed some interesting findings around identity fraud and how intelligence sharing could shape the future of fraud prevention.

The paper has 4 main objectives:

  • To explain the societal importance of identity document fraud in the UK.
  • To provide evidence that intelligence sharing among private sector practitioners as well as between the private and the public sector would provide a significant boost to document fraud detection and prevention.
  • To explain the legal and ethical restrictions and opportunities for this intelligence sharing.
  • To identify future trends in identity document fraud and to explain innovative solutions for their detection and prevention.

The paper highlights some of the most commonly seen fraudulent identity documents and outlines how their production and use facilitates a broad and significant spectrum of crime, including fraud and other serious and organised crime. It explores how identity checks are carried out currently and identifies several significant gaps in the process. The report then explores how those gaps could be bridged through various measures, including intelligence sharing.

Whilst intelligence sharing is not without its challenges, I am a firm advocate for this. As the report finds, sharing intelligence could be hugely beneficial for all parties involved in document checks, across the public and the private sector. At TrustID, we agree with the report’s findings that “collaboration is essential to implementing an agile approach to a serious and rapidly changing societal issue.”

We support the view that the wider introduction of technology and greater collaboration would result in an increase in detection and prevention of current document fraud crimes as well as helping to shape methods to counter future ways of forging and counterfeiting documents.

If you’d like to read the report in full, please visit the ADVP website.


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