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Pre-employment checks. Why? How? Which ones? Watch our webinar

Illustration showing a woman on her phone for an identity check to prove compliance

Why make pre-employment checks?

You’ve found the perfect candidate but before you make an unconditional offer to your latest recruit, let’s talk pre-employment checks…
Carrying out pre-employment checks is an important part of the recruitment process to help you confirm that a candidate is suitable and eligible for the job. There are some checks which you’re required to make and some which you may choose to make for your own peace of mind or depending on the role!  So why are these checks so important and which ones should you include?
The importance of pre-employment checks
With the cost of hiring a new employee running into many thousands of pounds, thorough pre-employment checks help to protect your business and safeguard the investment you’re about to make in a future employee. As a critical part of any recruitment process, pre-employment checks help you to:


  • Remain legally compliant by ensuring your employee has the Right to Work in the UK
  • Deter any would-be fraudsters from applying to your organisation
  • Check that the candidate is suitably qualified or skilled for the job
  • Safeguard your business from any negative impact caused by the recruitment of an unsuitable employee


Which checks should you make?

Some pre-employment checks are compulsory, such as checking evidence of Right to Work in the UK, and others are optional, including reference and qualification checks. You can make a conditional offer to your candidate, subject to the outcome of checks.  The checks you choose may depend on the nature of the role but it’s essential that you make the same checks on all potential employees, whether they’re British or not. Also, make sure your checks don’t discriminate or discourage people from applying for the job.

We recently hosted a webinar, in conjunction with our partners, HR software providers CIPHR and  the bespoke background screening company, Credence. We covered:

  • The range of pre-employment checks you might make
  • How to comply with current UK legislation
  • How robust checks can protect your business

To find out more about Right to Work checks, watch the webinar here.


Want to watch our webinar?

If you’re interested in learning more about Right to Work and pre-employment screening checks, you can watch our on-demand webinar today!