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Online Right to Work checks with TrustID

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We are pleased to announce that we’ve incorporated the Home Office online Right to Work checking service into the TrustID validation services. This offers a unique ‘all in one’ solution for checking all employees, regardless of whether they present an identity document or a share code to prove their Right to Work.

What is an online Right to Work check?

Online Right to Work checks are one way for your employees to prove that they have the Right to Work in the UK without showing you, their employer, a physical identity document. It applies to non-EEA nationals who hold biometric residence permits or biometric residence cards and EEA nationals who have been granted settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme. They can now prove their Right to Work online by creating and sharing a code with their employer. As an employer, you can use these codes to confirm a person’s Right to Work status and then download and keep a copy of the check as proof that you’ve followed guidance. The service is currently voluntary and migrant workers can also continue to use their physical identity documents if they prefer.

How does the online service work with TrustID?

Once you have a share code from your job applicant, along with their date of birth, you can now enter that code into the TrustID service as part of your validation check. This link is built into both our online document validation service and our Right to Work service. Using the share code you’ve provided, our software retrieves a photograph of the person to whom the code belongs from the Home Office system. You can then check and confirm it matches your applicant.
A few minutes later, the check is completed, and you can download a report to easily demonstrate your compliance.

Why make online Right to Work checks through TrustID?

·       All your Right to Work checks in one place

Many of our customers have asked us for this service as they want to provide hiring managers with a single solution to carry out all Right to Work document checks. Rather than checking some candidates on the Government site and some in our system, this link now means you have all checks in one easy to use system.

·       Deter imposters

The TrustID service returns a picture of your applicant, allowing you to check that the person using the sharing code is who they say they are. This will help you identify any imposters and, by publicising use of our system, should deter them from applying for work with you.

·       Reduce training

With a single, straightforward and consistent process for your staff, they don’t need to gain any further Right to Work expertise. Our App makes validation checks easy, whether your applicant has registered for the government scheme or not!

·       Easily demonstrate compliance

The TrustID service produces a clear report for every check that you make, giving you an easy way to demonstrate your compliance with the latest legislation, whether the candidate has used the online service or presented a physical document. The report shows who made the check and when and includes proof that you checked that the photograph matched the candidate.

If you’d like to find out more about our validation services, please get in touch!

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If you’d like to find out more about our validation services,
please get in touch.

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