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Medical Staff and Right to Work Checks: Ensuring Recruitment Compliance in the Medical World

Medical Staff and ambulance

In the fast-paced world of medical recruitment, ensuring compliance with Right to Work (RtW) checks is vital. Right to Work checks are the process of verifying the eligibility of every employee’s right to carry out the work they are being offered in the UK. Healthcare organisations and those recruiting medical staff need to be confident in the compliance of applicants and ensure they meet the necessary regulations whilst adhering to the required standards.

Pre-employment checking ensures the candidate meets the requirements for their role. In the NHS, the six Employment Check Standards that are required for employers to conduct before hiring new staff are:

  • Verification of identity checks.
  • Criminal records checks.
  • Occupational health checks.
  • Right to work checks.
  • Registration and qualification checks.
  • Employment history and reference checks.

More information regarding these checks can be found at the NHS’s guide to pre-employment checks.


Conducting Digital Right to Work checks

Employers and recruiters can choose to  remotely conduct RtW checks on eligible candidates through the Digital Scheme. These checks allow them to authenticate the eligibility of British and Irish nationals’ documents using a certified third-party IDSP (Identity Document Verification Service Provider), eliminating the need for physical document checks.

It’s important to mention that employers are still responsible for ensuring that the person checked by the IDSP matches the prospective employee, either face to face or by setting up a video call. More information on the guidance is on the Home Office website. 

During the employment period and for two years after it ends, employers need to keep a clear copy of the identity check report. If you use an IDSP like TrustID, it’s a breeze! We provide a user-friendly dashboard from which you can easily download the report and store it for your records.

It is important to note that a select few IDSPs can not only support Digital scheme checks but can also offer checks for holders of eVisas or other forms of acceptable Right to Work documentation. For example, we offer the support with in-person checking.


Conducting Thorough RTW Checks with an IDSP

The good news is that working with an IDSP like TrustID simplifies and streamlines the RtW process. Our user-friendly digital range of Right to Work services mean recruiters can confirm eligibility of a candidate’s identity remotely. Our service uses Identity Document Validation technology (IDVT) services to authenticate the relevant documentation and a biometric face match and liveness check to confirm a match on the identity of the candidate presenting it..

Our checks help recruitment teams reclaim valuable time and resources and save applicants travel costs and time whilst being assured compliance.


The simple steps to completing a RtW check at TrustID

Our Right to Work process can be completed in just a  few simple steps.

To find out more about each step, please read our blog below.

How do Digital Right to Work checks work?


How Our Service Can Benefit you

High volume recruitment checks can be a time consuming task for your hiring managers without the correct technology. So, here’s how our service can streamline your recruitment process.

  • Efficiency: Our digital checks significantly reduce the time required for in-person verifications, ensuring a swift and efficient onboarding process
  • Straightforward onboarding across different sites: We offer in-house and remote ID validation services, supporting checks in the way which suits you and your applicants best.
  • Multi-User Accounts: Collaborate seamlessly with your team as our service allows multiple user accounts at no extra cost.
  • Protection: We help our customers find hundreds of fraudulent documents every year. In 2022, our customers in medical recruitment found more fraudulent documents than any other sector.
  • Straightforward audits: Save and access detailed reports to effortlessly meet audit requirements, ensuring compliance and accountability
  • Support from our human expert team: Our unique combination of technology and a UK-based expert team, available every day from 8am to midnight, means you’ll always receive the support you need.

We take pride in our extensive experience working with over 260 medical recruitment companies, and more than 100 NHS trusts, supporting them with their compliance processes.


Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what others are saying about our service:

Medical Locums Group:

“Following guidance from NHS frameworks and the Home Office, it was imperative to introduce Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) to support our compliance processes. Adding digital checks to our document verification will support our processes during audit and provide an extra layer or clarity on individual documentation. After speaking to various providers, we felt TrustID would be able to provide the service we required with a simple, quick and effective process.”

EPSN Workforce:

“We have been using TrustID for over 3 years and during this time we have been very impressed by their professionalism and accuracy. TrustID gives us a piece of mind that our process is fully compliant and gives our clients confidence in our ability to serve them.”

You can view more quotes from our customers here.


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